Terms of Use


  1. Age Restrictions
  2. Creating and Accessing Accounts
  3. Responsibility of Material Posted by Users
  4. Acceptable User Behavior
  5. Copyrights and Trademark Rights
  6. Conditioning of Posted Content
  7. Rights of Termination and Modification
  8. User Impersonation
  9. User Relations
  10. Copyright Infringement
  11. Other Restrictions

Age Restrictions:

You MUST be at least 18 years of age to use this site.

Creating and Accessing Accounts

You may create up to two accounts at the registration page if you agree to the terms set here as well as our Privacy Policy. You may access only one account at a time via the login page. Dual logging is forbidden, but you can contact the administrator if you share an ip address with someone else to receive protection. Please also be aware that you are not allowed to give access to your account to anyone else, and that if this activity is discovered you will be banned immediately.

Responsibility of Material Posted by Users:

Images or any communications posted by a user are their responsibility. Staff however reserves the right to edit and/or delete any content posted or written by a user that we find offensive, questionable, or just plain don't like.

Acceptable User Behavior

Content posted by users may not be illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringe upon intellectual property rights, be invasive of privacy, or otherwise injurious or objectionable. Be particularly careful that you do not use names for your creatures or yourself in the game that may be considered offensive to others. Staff reserves the right to change names found in breach of the above.

Copyrights and Trademark Rights

The creator of Puppet Nightmares, ignis.puppetnightmares@gmail.com, reserves all rights to his work. He does, however, allow fanwork such as fanfiction and fanart that is non profit. Artwork created by others here requires the artist's permission to use or modify in any way, shape or form.

Conditioning of Posted Content

By posting or contributing content using these services, you are granting www.puppetnightmares.com a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and worldwide license to use your content in connection with the operation of the Services, including (without limitation) the license rights to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate, and reformat your content, and/or to incorporate it into a collective work.

Rights of Termination and Modification

We, the staff at puppetnightmares.com, reserve the right to delete, edit, or reformat all accounts and to restrict any user's access to an account as well as to modify, copy, and/or delete any content associated with aforementioned accounts.

User Impersonation

An impersonation of any individual is prohibited, and impersonation of a staff member is likely to result in a deletion of the offending user's account and/or a ban of that user's IP address.

User Relations

It is prohibited for users to harass other users in any way, shape, or form, on-site or off-site.

Copyright Infringement

If you or any individual feels their copyright privileges have been infringed upon by a user or staff member of Puppet Nightmares, please notify the administrator via the Contact page and it will be promptly dealt with.

Other Restrictions

Users, visitors, and staff members of this site may not attempt any malicious actions that will disrupt the server or cause harm to its users. If said actions are detected, the offender's IP address will be logged and the authorities will be notified. The malicious user will then be punished to the full extent allowable by the law.

Users are also not allowed to break any of the rules listed here.