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Additional Skill Details - By Ignis

You can now view additional skill details when viewing a creature's/species' status screen.

Example right here.

This update can only apply to NEWER skills that operate under my new skill system.
Posted On: 2019-02-16 11:22:18

ShamanBlade Dryad Alchemy - By Ignis

Shamanblade Dryad's food can now be upgraded in the alchemy shop.
Posted On: 2019-02-16 10:37:36

LESPs in March Onward - By Ignis

Superb Pricing:
In March I'm disabling the Guaranteed Superb "month forwarding" again. After that, when I HAVE an extra outfit made, a superb will be 65, if I don't, it'll be 60. From my experimentation over the past two quarters, this seems like the best way to go, and this will be the standard from now on unless I announce otherwise. Rerelease superbs I'm not sure on, but probably 70 or 80 depending on how rare it actually is.

As a bonus, this also means you'll get one LP per release period you spend on, not just once a month. I'm not sure if I'll change this later, but for now it's a thing.

Just keep in mind that next December/Christmas could always be an exception to how I'm doing things, and like last December, it might even just be one unique release that month again so I can have some time off over the holiday season.

Gender Play:
I'm considering more Gender Play LESPs in the future for advertising reasons because I have the feeling weird things like m-preg might be popular on the foundry and the like. We'll see how the community there and other such places take to it before I make any promises though - because those options are quite a bit of extra work.

Thanks for reading!
Edited On: 2019-02-16 07:53:17

5 New Pocket Nightmare Evo. - By Ignis

Five new Pocket Nightmare Evolutions have been added to the game. you can also evolve their gloomy versions.

They are the following:
Posted On: 2019-02-08 13:17:13

Newsletter Being Sent Out - By Ignis

The newsletter is being sent out. You should receive yours in your e-mail within a week and be able to access the free Gift Code included. Enjoy!
Posted On: 2019-02-04 20:58:03
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