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Gold LESP Tokens

Currently, for every 20 USD sent when buying credit right here, you will acquire a Gold LESP Token. These can be used to purchase a LESP that is at least 3 months old.

Silver LESP Tokens

These can be acquired for free, twice a month, by collecting every Daily Reward available during a given month. Please be aware that this list resets on the 1st of every month, so buy rewards ahead if you need to.

Check out your Daily Rewards under "Player>Rewards>Daily".

Gem LESP Tokens

These extremely valuable LESP Tokens can only be acquired by contributing the needed amount during a release period. Their price can vary depending on a given month's strategy. Here's the list:

  • Emerald LESP Tokens - Offer a significantly higher rate of Legendary LESPs compared to Gold LESP Tokens.
  • Sapphire LESP Tokens - Guaranteed to give you a Rare or better LESP.
  • Ruby LESP Tokens - Guaranteed to give you an Elite or better LESP.

If you need help understanding release periods, check out the Guaranteed Superb lesson.

LESP Token Grinding

An extra way to receive either type of LESP Token is by grinding LESPs. Check out the options in Bulldozer's Grinding Shop in Episodes 3+ to view the chance of success and the prerequisites for a given type of token.

How to Spend

Here is what you can spend Silver LESP Token(s) on:

Here are things you can spend Gold LESP Token(s) on:

You'll be able to tell when an option is available if the button is there. You'll see "Unavailable" otherwise.

Particular LESP Chance

You can see the chance of acquiring a particular LESP with LESP Tokens by using the "Information>Token Chance" list.

LESP Token Actions

Certain actions will use LESP Token Rarity to help determine which LESP you may get. These are categorized into Silver and Gold Token Actions.

Silver Token Actions

Gold Token Actions

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