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About LESP Essence

LESP essence is used in the Grinding Shop to decrease the number of Great LESPs needed to generate a Superb variant with this option.

For example, 1 Great Edo Kitsune and 4 LESP Essences allow you to make a Superb Edo Kitsune. And 3 Great Edo Kitsunes and 2 LESP Essences also allow it.

Here are some things to be aware of, however:

  • You must have at least 1 Great LESP to create a superb variant of it.
  • There is a waiting period of a week between each LESP Essence you make.
  • This option creates a completely new Superb LESP Egg. Levels, tattoos, rebirths, none of that is retained.
  • You can use Safety Locking to prevent a particular LESP from being used.

Acquiring LESP Essence

LESP essences can be acquired in the following ways:

  • By grinding Superbs worth a total of at least 100 points in the Grinding Shop once a week.
  • By purchasing one every two weeks at the Credit Shop.

Superb Worth

Not all Superbs are valued equally by the Grinding Shop. The list below displays which creature categories offer the most points toward a LESP Essence:

  • Enemy creatures are worth 1 point(s).
  • Extra creatures are worth 1 point(s).
  • Mercenary creatures are worth 1 point(s).
  • Soul Puppet creatures are worth 2 point(s).
  • Corrupted Soul Puppet creatures are worth 3 point(s).
  • Nifle High Student creatures are worth 3 point(s).
  • Mutant Soul Puppet creatures are worth 5 point(s).

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