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Player Information
Player Name Ignis Group Administrators
Support Status Expires July 1st, 2038 at 12:00 PM Joined On April 19th, 2009
SexMale Last VisitNovember 20th, 2017
Player's level Level99 ExperienceMaxed
Growth Points144 Unshaped Flesh604
Coins ? Credit ?
Game DifficultyGamer Remaining Spirit 9
E-mail Updates On
Storage Limits
Creatures35/710 Items753/655 Equipment10/310 Marbles38/55
Parties 3/40 Extra Skills 15/250 Disciplines Learned 0/98 Genes Researched 29/63
Auctions 0/70 Psychological Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder
Book Percentages
Creature Collection7% Blood Diary 10% Skill Book 3% Challenge Book1%
Book of War 0/98
Gene Research Manual 29/63
Compendium of Love 13/286
AI Battle Score PVP Score
Wins 34,620 Losses 472 Wins 207 Ties 39
PVP Rank 0 Losses 260
Other Scores
Painted Eggs 4,133 Expelled Eggs 5,385 Alchemizations 16 Meat Ground Up 758 - 48
Players Hunted 218 Signups Earned 39,866 Creatures Fed 100 Creatures Bred 2,834
Equip Refinements 63 Completed Adventures 85 Tattoos Placed 4 Creatures Leased 4
Suggestion Votes 25 Gene Splicings 6 Equip Dismantles 39
LESP Token Information
Silver LESP Tokens 1 Gold LESP Tokens 0 Emerald LESP Tokens 4 Sapphire LESP Tokens 0 Ruby LESP Tokens 0
Other LESP Information
LESP Essence 0/5 Loyalty Points 0

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